Wedding Disco FAQs

This part of the site has been created to help me answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that I receive on a daily basis.  Don't be afraid to speak to a shortlist of Wedding DJs and select the Mobile Disco you want, based on the answers to some of these questions and not just their fee.  You really do get what you pay for.

We are in the early stages of planning our Wedding, when should we book the Wedding Disco?

If you've only just started planning your Wedding, that's great news!  Congratulations on searching for your Wedding DJ at such an early and important stage.


The Wedding DJ should not be the first thing you set in stone.  You need to check the availability of the place you want to hold your religious or civil ceremony and then you need to make sure the venue for your Wedding Reception is also available.  Next up is to start the process of hiring all of the service providers who need to be there on your special day.  After all, they can only be in one place at a time and when your first choice is working elsewhere you will have to find the next best person for your Wedding day.


There are peak times during the year when venues and service providers are in demand and if you leave things to the last minute, your actions could lead to real disappointment and nobody wants to see a couple on their special day to be unhappy.  Therefore, book the DJ, photographer, videographer, florist and all the other people who will need to be at your Wedding Reception as soon as possible.

How much do you charge?

I do not have a standard disco price and any operator who does not factor in the specific needs of each individual job may well only offer a standard level of service.  Do you really want a standard performance from your Wedding DJ or do you want a Wedding Disco that you and your guests will remember for being the fun part of the whole Wedding Day experience?


The only way for me to gauge the fee for your event is to find out what your needs are.  For example, you may want to hire me for the whole day to provide ceremony music, Mood Lighting, background music during the Wedding Breakfast, cordless microphones for the speeches or just for the evening celebrations.  The choice is yours, but your DJ will need to know what you want and how you envisage your event to go.


Prices for Mobile Discos vary from operator to operator.  Some Mobile Discos are setup purely to earn some extra cash or as a hobby, some DJs make a living out of the industry and they work full-time to deliver the very best service they can.  The cheap Mobile Discos are sometimes a false economy because you only get one chance to celebrate your Wedding to its full potential and if you hire an inexperienced DJ for your event, your function may end up being remembered for the wrong reasons.


Although my job is to provide a fun element to your Wedding Reception, I still have to take the role very seriously because my actions will impact on an awful lot of people and they will be remembered for years to come.  Entertaining people is my game and it takes experience, knowledge and good quality equipment to succeed in this field.


I mainly work at the top end of the Wedding market, but don't let that put you off getting in touch.  I respect that every couple has a budget, but I also have to meet the costs of running a small business and I always ask potential customers to try to compare like-for-like and not to hire on price alone.  Please also remember that you're not just paying for the performance time for your Wedding Disco - you're also paying for all help and experience from your Wedding DJ on the run up to the big day.  Then there are all the other associated costs with running a small businessl, but I won't bore you with the inner workings of being a Professional Mobile DJ.

My venue has mentioned something about PAT and PLI.  What are they referring to?

Great - your venue is concerned about the standard of DJ working on their grounds.  Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is not a legal requirement, but many venues insist that outside contractors have had their equipment tested for electrical safety.  After all, they want to make sure that the equipment being plugged into their power supply is not going to cause other electrical problems.


My equipment gets tested on a yearly basis by an independent company and they provide me with the necessary certifcates to show that my equipment has been checked.


Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is a safety net - just like car insurance.  I have £10m of PLI cover and certificates to prove this are available upon request.


I also have a Professional Dubbing License (ProDub License) because I use a digital playout system.


Needless to say, the venue has little to worry about if you hire me because I have PAT, PLI and I am a ProDub Licensed DJ.

How do I book you?

I always like to speak to my customers before filling in a contract for their event, this usually gets sent out in the post and there will be one copy for you to sign and keep, while the other copy is returned to me with a 25% Booking Fee.  My Wedding Pack also includes an Event Guide that gives you an opportunity to put your thoughts down on paper - this will be used as a foundation for your special day.  The more information I have from you, the more I can tailor the event to your own personal wishes.


As soon as I receive the Booking Fee and the signed contract, the booking is set in stone.


Please note: The Booking Fee is deducted from the total fee for your event, it's not like when you book tickets for a show and you get charged a fee on top of your ticket price.  For more details, please read my Terms & Conditions page.


What music will you play and can we request some songs in advance?

The music selections are all down to what you want and what people will dance to.  One of the most important aspects of my job is to listen to the needs of my customers.  Every couple will have a good idea as to what they do and do not want for their special occasion.  It is for this very reason that a 'turn up and play' DJ is more likely to struggle to meet your needs.


I'm very customer focussed and I want to know all about your suggestions and you must play an active part in helping to me create a wonderful and memorable day for you and your guests.  One of the most important parts of my job is to create a fun and happy atmosphere and the weapon of choice for that task is to play music that people will dance to, enjoy and remember.


The client meeting I arrange with all couples is a perfect opportunity for us to go through the music you do and do not want.  I am also available for you to call or e-mail to pass on any music selections before the big day.  Even with legal digital dowload websites, obscure music can be hard to source, so the sooner you get in touch the more likely I am to get the music you want.


As well as taking requests from you ahead of the Wedding Day, I will encourage guests to come forward with their favourite songs that they will dance to and if their song falls within your guidelines I will find an appropriate time to play their selection.  There are some wonderful songs that people will dance to, but if you play it at the wrong time of the night the song will not have the desired effect on the dance floor.  It is for this reason that one of the skills of being a DJ is to program the music to flow throughout the event.


One important thing to remember is that a Wedding is a family event and there will be all ages attending the function.  As well as making sure you have some music that you enjoy, please remember that if you want people to join in, you must take into consideration the needs of your guests.


Client Comments

Thank you so much for your services on our special day.  The music was great, the dance floor was never empty and all the requested songs were played.  I know all the guests had a great time and loved the music!


Thanks again for everything!


Mr & Mrs Bowman