Professional Memberships

I am a proud and ctive member and of the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ).  In May 2009 I was asked to become the Association's Membership Officer.  I was honoured when the Chairman, Mark Porley, offered me the job and I now deal with hundreds of Professional DJs who are signed up to the code of conduct and ethics of this trade body.  The NADJ is a recognised national organisation, but on a local level, I am working hard with my colleagues to spearhead the North East of England branch of the NADJ.


The NADJ is a respected group of professionals who aim to improve the standards of DJs throughout the UK.  Many people have a low opinion of this line of work and the NADJ is trying rid the industry of the stereotypical image of a Mobile Disco or Mobile DJ.  This is a very hard task, when the first thing people think of when you say mobile disco is the person depicted in the Peter Kay sketches.  Unfortunately, there are still many DJs who re-enforce that image of the poor quality and most probably cheap Disc Jockey.  It's not until people have been to a function whereby the organisers have decided not to go for the cheapest disco they can find in the phone book, that people will see there is an different side to this market.


Some of the most respected and professional DJs in the UK have put their vast knowledge and experiences together to create an accreditation scheme for DJs.  The system aims to find out how well a DJ conducts their duties and also how professionally they run their business.


There are many important aspects of running a professional Mobile Disco service and points are awarded for items such as: Public Liability Insurance, PAT testing of equipment, memberships of professional and recognised organisations and for client meetings.  I have been awarded the Platinum Status and this is the highest standard available on the accreditation system.


The way I conduct my duties are far removed from the standard DJ that you could get if your were to randomly pick a mobile disco out of the Yellow Pages or Thompson directories.  If your main challenge is to find the cheapest DJ those directories are the best place to look.


I always act in a professional manner and I always dress appropriately for your event.  When you get married, every attendee will have made a special effort on your Weddin Day and the last thing you want to see is your DJ wearing training shoes, a T-shirt and jeans.  It is for this reason that I believe that the DJ should wear a suit or for really formal events the full black tie outfit.


The NADJ is committed to improving the performance and success of its members and the association acts as an umbrella organisation for all DJs in the UK.  It also aims to gain the professional recognition that DJs deserve.


All of the NADJ members must have minimum standards in place to become a part of the organisation.  These include Public Liability Insurance (PLI), the testing of electrical items (PAT Test) and, where applicable, the DJ must hold a Pro Dub License.  I have all three of these membership requirements and my advice would be to make sure your Wedding DJ also has them in place.


My clients see the membership of the Mobile-DJ Accreditation Scheme and the NADJ as another example of my professional outlook.  They understand that being a part of a select group of people who have high standards can only have a positive impact on them.  If you want to hire a Wedding Disco for your event, please ask your candidates if they are hold a professional membership of other organisations that represent their industry.


Client Comments

I would just like to add to my daughter and son-in law's (Mr and Mrs Slade) comments.


Your disco was most appreciated not least by my wife.  Although you satisfied the young, your management of sound allowed the more elderly to converse in comfort.  For the first time on record in my wife's experience, you achieved the impossible!


We would only be too happy to recommend you - particularly when dancing and conversation should co-exist.


Dr Connolly