Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting for Wedding Receptions is a fantastic way to make your event stand out from all of the other Weddings you have been to.  Many clients have commented that they would have liked to have had their function room or marquee illuminated in a similar fashion.  By adding the Mood Lighting service to your event, you can do just that!


Some of the Professional photographers I've met have very favourabl comments about how different and unique the Mood Lighting makes the room look.  The Mood Lighting service compliments not only the tastes of the Bride and Groom, but it can also enhance the pictures of your Wedding celebrations.


My clients, other service providers, venue staff have been intrigued and highly positive about the Mood Lighting option.  Demand for this extra service has been even higher than I expected and when combined with the Wedding Disco, I can offer a big discount on the hire of an individual service.


Just in case you're not aware of the term Mood Lighting, I think it is appropriate that I give you an idea of what it is and what impact it can have at your event.  Clicking on any of the images on this page, you will be taken to the Mood Lighting Gallery because pictures paint a thousand words and you have to see the subtle and effective LED lighting effects can create.


Mood Lighting is extremely effective at helping to create a colour theme or all indoor environments, but if you really want to see a transformation, please view the images of the Mood Lighting option for marquees.  Some marquee hire companies offer drapes to hide the sides of the tent from view, however, with the Mood Lighting service, you can do away with costly upgrades and enhance the marquee with a splash of colour.


In the summer months there is an upsurge in clients who hold their Wedding Breakfast and evening party in a marquee because they want to hold the event on private land or they haven't been able to find a venue that suits their specific needs.  The interior of a marquee can be quite drab and dull, but with Mood Lighting you can transform the look of your event.


Many of the premier venues across the North East of England have a very good reputation for holding Wedding Receptions, but their function rooms generally have a pastel or cream theme to them.  If the colour scheme for the room is too garish, they simply won't get the custom, but you can do something about that and you can make your room fit in with your colour scheme.


Having prepared the Wedding Disco and setup the Mood Lighting, one particular Bride commented that she couldn't believe that she was returning to the same room after the wedding breakfast.  Mood Lighting really does get reactions like that and the couple were extremely happy with the transformation of the room.


Mood Lighting is not a distraction, it is an enhancement to your venue.  It can be used to add colour to the whole room or you can use it in specific areas to create a focal point.  My Mood Lighting packages can really help to create a different atmosphere, without being overpowering or dominating the room.


LED Mood Lighting can be used to illuminate different parts of the room in almost any colour.  The effects also give off almost no heat and it's also possible to change the colour scheme ast the evening progresses - the choice and options that are available are almost endless.


The LED Mood Lighting service can be offered as a single service (without the hire of my DJ or Mobile Disco service), but a substantial discount is offered to customers who also book me for the Wedding Disco.  Why hire in different service providers when I have the skills, abilities and equipment to conduct several services on your special day?


All couples are encouraged to contact me to discuss their specific requirements and for me to get an idea of what they envisage.


My LED Mood Lighting packages are incredibly subtle, but at night or when the lights are turned down, the effect and impact that the service creates really does comes to life.  The packages can transform the appearance and atmosphere in the room or marquee.  As well as being able to achieve almost any colour, the lights can have varying levels of intensity and these can be altered throughout the event.


If you would like further information on the Mood Lighting service, please get in touch.  It is availabe as a stand-alone service or as an optional extra when hiring me for your Wedding Disco.  Once I have an idea as to what you want, I can find out the room logistics and suggest what options are most appropriate for you.


If you want something different and unique for your Wedding celebrations, I cannot recommend the Mood Lighting service more highly.


Client Comments

Just returned from the first part of our honeymoon in Disneyland Paris and thought I would send you a quick e-mail.


Our wedding day was magical and the disco you provided was absolutely perfect.  You included all of the songs we asked for and the rest of the music suited everybody.  I even got my new husband up to dance many times, which has never happened since we met four and a half years ago.  I wish we could do it all again.


Thanks again for a fantastic night.


Mr & Mrs Largan